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We are responsible for our playground

November 14, 2009

I see that “Wave Tribe” liked my last post so much they left a comment. Be sure to visit their site and see what you can learn. I am in agreement with their basic premise that we must safeguard our environment. We must also improve it. As surfers, we are in more intimate contact with “Nature” than many other people and it is our responsibility to take care of our playground (up to and including the planet itself).

 The most important thing we can do to help our environment is to educate ourselves as to the truth about it. Beware of rabble rousers and false data (note that most “news” articles are actually carefully worded and placed PR pieces. As an aside this also applies to the surf mags – those of you that submitted really good articles, guess why they weren’t published?)

I’m going off in a different direction than a strictly surfing theme, but if we don’t take care of our playground, eventually we won’t have anyplace to surf. Most of us ride in cars or other motorized transportation to get to the surf, so we should be concerned about fuel and pollution with respect to our ride. In one of my “other lives” I’m an inventor and I have been studying such things as non-destructive, non-polluting energy production. Guess what the most important thing I learned is? Not that if I invented a magic pill, which if put in a gas tank full of water, would make fuel to run the car and eliminate the need for demon oil. That pill has existed for over 100 years; it’s called calcium carbide and is used to produce acetylene, which could power a car! No, the most important thing I learned is: all the technology we need to reduce and eliminate pollution, provide abundant, renewable, non-polluting and inexpensive fuel, already exists, it’s just that most of us have been told otherwise.

As a quick example, I’ve been reading the book “Alcohol Can Be A Gas”. It lays out the whole story on alcohol as a fuel that can power your surf ride with a non-polluting renewable fuel, eliminating toxic gasoline. I’m sure most of you have seen the false PR attacking alcohol as a fuel, I have – for years. Get the book and see for yourself; like I said education is the most important step to a vibrant, pollution free planet.