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The ultimate surf access vehicle

December 16, 2009

In my “other life” I’ve been developing a high-speed sailboat. I started the project because as a surfer I wanted to be able to get to any surf-spot with a minimum of hassle and expense. A boat can get you to any surf-spot and a sailboat can get you there with no fuel expense.

The best choice would be a cruising sailboat – free energy for travel, a place to live, quiet, non-polluting, and in harmony with the elements. I only encountered one slight problem with a sailboat, I like to go fast and sailboats are pretty slow.

Along with being a surfer, I’m an inventor and sometimes I just can’t pass up a good problem. “If I could just develop a high-speed sailboat…” So I did; the craft exists as a prototype upon which a larger version will be based.

Recently, I decided that as long as I had developed the technology for a high-speed sailboat, I might as well go after the World Sailing Speed Record; I just can’t resist a real challenge (gets me in more trouble…)

Those of you that would like to track the development of the ultimate surf access vehicle, visit my blog on High-Speed Sailing.