Make more waves!

I recently received word of an Australian surf spot that was greatly improved by simply moving some boulders around. It was done at minimal cost and with no net impact on the environment. Take a look at this address: (please use caution with this site, when I last checked it my computer blocked it saying it contained malware)

This website has some good discussion of various surf making projects and should be of interest to all surfers.

In April 2009 I did a series of blog posts on making waves, if you haven’t read them, I’d suggest taking a look (click April 2009) in my blog archives. The above mentioned project is an example of what I’ve been advocating.

I’m sure that every surfer knows of places that currently have funky waves, but could have good waves by shifting a few rocks, etc. around on the bottom. We need to educate ourselves about the possibilities, and then talk to our friends and get a great enough number of people interested in having more and better surfing waves. With interest from enough surfers we’ll be able to make more surf spots.



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