Surfboard Fin Boxes — What’s Best

I’m going to describe what in my opinion, are the most desirable qualities in a fin box. This is not a discussion of what’s out there, but a discussion of what’s best.

First, why a fin box instead of glassed on fins? So you can easily tune the board for best performance, and easily replace damaged fins. I discuss this in more detail in my book on surfboard design.

Box to board connection should be as strong or stronger than, a glassed on fin.

Fin does not “wiggle” in the box (solid as a glassed on fin).

Box is strong enough that the fin can be broken with no damage to the board or fin box.

Fin cannot loosen or get knocked out while surfing.

High strength to weight ratio. Yes, it has to be strong, but it also has to be light.

There are no screws or other fasteners to retain the fin and no moveable parts. No threads to strip, no fasteners to lose, and no special tools needed.

The design of the box alone securely retains the fin, and yet the fin easily “pops” into the box and is easily removed with no special tools needed.

This box was designed so custom fins can be easily made to fit securely, using simple hand tools. If you want to experiment with custom fins (made by yourself or anyone else) this is the box you want.

One other feature is that a leash connection point is provided, so you won’t need a leash plug, and you’ll never have a leash plug failure.

Does this fin box exist? Yes — this has been my personal fin box since 1981. Do I make them for anyone else? No, not so far, but I’m interested in finding some entrepreneur or manufacturer who would like to get these boxes into production.

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