Bob Smith is a composite character. He lives partly in the physical universe and partly in a parallel universe.

A biographic excerpt of one of Bob’s adventures has been published as a Kindle book under the title: “Bob Smith’s 27th Dream“.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Bill Raff Says:


    I was wondering if you have any writings on fins and fin placement?


  2. Guy Serjeant Says:

    dear bob smith i just finished reading the basics of surfboard design for the second time… this book should be banned! no only joking, i thought that i was a real little treasure. I found a lot of inspiration, new ideas, and stuff either no one else understands, or has the guts to say. haha great job. do you know if there are any other interesting works in the same spirit available to buy anywhere? i am a young shaper, and trying to discover as much unpolluted information as possible. thanks in advance, and i would also like to know where to buy 27th dream- on paper, not kindle. cheers!! guy serjeant, SW france

    • surfingbobsmyth Says:

      Dear Guy, it is refreshing to hear from you. Your joke about banning the book was well said; if you’ve read my lowest reviews on Amazon, you can see that some people are trying to keep you from reading the book. From my experience, not a lot of surfers really understand much of what I wrote. Often they think they do, but if you talk to them, they are confused about it. If someone makes anything seem complicated, he probably doesn’t understand it himself, or in some cases, he’s trying to prevent you from learning “his secret”.

      Here is the real secret: Look, Observe, Understand — for yourself; don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Try to understand what is right or wrong about any board you ride (in relation to what you want it to do). Do the same for the boards you see others riding. If you make a board that is not right, figure out why; you can often learn more from your “mistakes” than your successes.

      Bob Smith’s 27th dream is only available on Kindle (at this point it’s not cost effective to publish it on paper). However you can download a free Kindle app from Amazon and read it on most modern devices (phones, pads, computers). Unfortunately, I do not know of any other works in the same spirit (or I would be buying them too).

      Good luck to you. Cheers, Bob

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